Web App (experiment)

Feb 16, 2011 at 11:58 AM

I have checked in the source code of the web application that I made to demonstrate the 3 ways of connecting to SQL through First 2 of which are common and the 3rd is the special asynchronous way.

Our job is now to create a model for the piece of code present in RunCommandAsynchronously() method in the Asynchronous.aspx.cs file.

Run the web application to see the difference in outputs of the 3 ways. In type III, try querying multiple number of times to notice the variation between the total number of Wait Counts produced each time a query is executed. This demonstrates the work done by the application while the database server (SQL Server) was busy processing the query. Each wait time is a unit of aprox. 1ms.  Because the database in itself does some optimizations such as caching etc, the time to process a query decreases when fired repeatedly. The SQL query itself has been injected with 'WAITFOR DELAY' to make it easy for us to see the difference.

Please ask me(Ankit Buti) if you have problems understanding any piece of code, or the purpose of the application as a whole.


My suggestion is that all 3 of you (AB, Tim, John) take a shot at creating the model separately and then we can put it together before the presentation on Thursday.

I hope this will be enough for the week.



(Going to bed @ 7am 2/16/2011)  :(